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University Of Portsmouth


Established in November 2018, The University of Portsmouth Esports Society is a 100% student-run Esports group committed to balancing the playing field and giving our members their ticket into the world of Student Esports. We provide a strong support for our players to compete in national student leagues, meet our graduate alumni and realise their potential in their respective games. We support students with finding their teammates and setting up teams, and forging friendships for life. In addition to this we try our best to host 1-2 LANs per year, typically within the University or Student Union. We host the following games, having a huge number of active players and a minimum of 3 teams per game: Apex Legends Counter-Strike: 2 League of Legends Overwatch 2 Rainbow Six: Siege Rocket League Splatoon 3 Valorant Outside of competitive play, we have a strong sense of community and are committed to maintaining that through frequent in-person socials across the entire society, or game by game. We host regular Wings Wednesday trips, Esports Sports Weekend (Hosting Dodgeball and Five-a-side Football), Movie Nights/Cinema Trips and Pub Golf. On smaller scale events within games/individual teams we often do Minigolf, Spoons, Arcade trips and Watchparties. If you have an interest in Esports, either competitively or casually, come join us! There's something here for everyone.



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