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Punjabi Society

Imperial College London (ICL)


Punjabi Soc is one of the loudest, proudest and most vibrant societies at Imperial. Our main aim is to promote awareness of Punjabi culture whilst making the society accessible to students of all backgrounds. We organise and present the biggest student show in the country: The Bhangra Showdown. Universities from all over the UK compete against each other in a bid to be crowned national bhangra champions in front of thousands of people. Previous shows have been held at the prestigious Hammersmith Apollo and the infamous Wembley Arena featuring university performances and exhibition acts from all over the world. Bhangra lessons are held by the society for anyone to take part in and are a brilliant way to learn a traditional Indian dance and get fit at the same time! These lessons will include an opportunity to learn how to use traditional bhangra dance props. We also hold various club nights and dinners throughout the year so there's a chance to chill out from work and meet new people. This includes Groundshaker, a hugely successful bhangra club night; and Gup Shup, our welcome dinner, both held during freshers. Above all, we, at Punjabi Soc, are a family and we welcome everyone to join us.
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