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UCL Quant Society

A UCL society bearing a unique fusion of science and finance. From philosophy to nanotechnology and beyond.

University College London (UCL)


A young but growing society, founded in 2020, the UCL Quant Society’s goal is to cultivate in its members a passion for trading, as well as improving their financial literacy. We aim to engage anyone willing to learn learn, providing exposure to different trading strategies and technical analysis through interactive workshops and research groups, competitions, mentoring, industry collaborations and speaker events, and our own quant fund. Recent developments in quantitative finance industry have led many large banks financial institutions offering ‘quant’ roles: an entirely new career path to traditional investment banking routes. We hope to make clear the skill requirements of a career in quantitative finance (such as mathematical or programming expertise), allowing students to consider the field more robustly by exposing them to some of the primary career components.
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