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RED Project Borneo

Imperial College London (ICL)


The Rural Education Development (RED) Project was established in 2015 with the aim of bringing about sustainable educational development to rural communities in Borneo. There is a large disparity in education standards between rural and urban areas and this has left many rural villagers unable to compete in the current economic market. The issue deteriorates with time, with these communities being marginalized further.RED was created to bridge this gap by supporting current efforts of local charities to educate and empower these communities in Borneo with the skills and knowledge necessary to progress.We pride ourselves as being a completely student led society, with activities held throughout the year to raise awareness on this issue; as well as funds for our yearly expedition to Borneo.Over the summer break, students from Imperial College will be sent to Borneo to assist in the construction of education centres run by our local charity. By providing them with the necessary infrastructure, we will ensure sustainable, long-term development is achieved. As it is a student led project, your participation is vital in determining its success; as students lead the entire process from designs, to funding, to the final construction and hopefully also teaching in the near future.It is our goal to empower and assist those that have not been given the same opportunities as we have in receiving proper education and therefore we hope you will join us at RED!Check out our website for more info: www.redprojectborneo.com
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