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Retail and Luxury Business Society

University College London (UCL)


Do you want to learn more about how the retail and luxury industry looks from the inside? How do those glorious, appealing luxury products go from someone’s imagination to the stalls? What processes are involved, what positions are available in the sector and what skills are required to be a successful business person in the luxury retail industry? Well, if your answer to these questions is yes, YOU should definitely join RLBS!The Retail and Luxury Business Society is present in prestigious Universities such as Harvard, Columbia, London Business School and University of the Arts London. RLBS is not a regular business society which focuses merely on CV checking and interviews, but it helps you to discover a proper business field, one, about which you are passionate. Given the society’s niche focus, it is smaller than the regular business societies and thus it can offer more tailored events in order to please its members’ needs and requests and implement their feedback to reach to the stars. RLBS’s mission is to educate its members and the entire UCL community on the inner workings of the retail and luxury goods industry and to talk about the opportunities and challenges the industry is facing. The society aims to help with career planning, recruiting and networking within the field through hosting well-known guest speakers of the luxury retail sector via diverse means, such as panel discussions, seminars, presentations and interactive Q&A sessions.
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