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Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)


Hi There! Rock Solid is a Christian fellowship on campus. We are a synergy of young people getting together to challenge, encourage, and inspire one another. We are excited about the times we live in, very much aware of the challenges, but much more aware of the opportunities that lie all around us. We are based at the University of Kent/ Medway Campus and Queen Mary, University of London (Mile End).Rock Solid is a Christian Campus Fellowship with a mission to help one another discover the light within them...so that we can shine...by design! ~ Matt 5:14: You are a light that gives light to the world…~How do we do this? InspireWe also have regular weekly gatherings that inspire our students to be the best faithful versions of ourselves, consisting of bible study, games night, movie night, focus group sessions with some featuring guest speakers (such as Q&A seminar workshops on bible teaching topics, faith-advisory workshops related to careers/ relationships/ art ministries) and with a number of enjoyable and enriching events planned for the new year.ImpactWe believe that it is the explicit will of God that we care for people who are in need. Inspired by passages such as Isaiah 1:17 (NIV). We aim to help our members cultivate a heart for the broken and participate in activities that provide support and hope for them.Isaiah 1:17 (NIV): 17 Learn to do right; seek justice.    Defend the oppressed.Take up the cause of the fatherless;    plead the case of the widow.We are excited about the times we live in, very much aware of the challenges, but much more aware of the opportunities that lie all around us. We have a strong passion for charity work, one of the biggest opportunities we recognise on a day to day basis, is an opportunity to reach out to those who are broken one way or the other. To this effect, the Rock Solid campus community have supported/participated in many community service projects with The Hope Centre Medway in Rochester and its associated foodbank, voluntary work for ESOL classes/Tuition classes, clothing donation services, fundraising events etc. Essentially, our society has helped bring together like-minded individuals, students who will volunteer in their spare time to engage in great community causes.ConnectFellowship, fellowship, fellowship; we can’t get enough of it!Join our online Friday and Sunday Services at Rock Church Kent (the church we’re under) on FB and YT Livestreams. Details to join are sent on the WhatsApp GC.Whether it may be hanging around after meetings, heading out to a restaurant to eat, heading to somebody’s house for a get-together, joining our family at Rock Church Kent (located in Rochester, Kent, 50min public transport from Mile End station to Rochester station, then a 10 min walk to the centre), you can be sure that you will find friends that last a lifetime among us. (COVID-19 restrictions/guidelines are followed/must be followed).UPCOMING EVENTS: *WEEKLY FELLOWSHIP: EVERY THURS Dates/Time: We meet Thursdays from 7:00PM - 8:30PM (BST) via ZOOM. Room: ZOOM OnlineIf you're interested in joining, to find out more, Contact Us: Tee: 07539263508 Email: rocksolidsociety@qmsu.org  
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