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Logo of Royal Alpha Rho Team

Royal Alpha Rho Team

Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)


Welcome to QM (and UK) FIRST EVER STEP TEAM SORORITY! Step dance is a large part of African American culture and we think as the diaspora we should share our culture with others!  Sorority step shows are a HUGE part of college life in the US. We will combine different dance styles like stompnshake cheer, majorette, hip hop, aggresive chants etc! We’re here to show OUR voice. We strongly suggest y’all join us and create a legacy here in QM.  We decided to create this a step team called ‘The Legion’ as part of an athletic-dance team that represents Royal Alpha Rho. We wanna creativity and create a legacy for BAME students to take pride in?ALL are welcome. Beginners welcome.We hope you’ll come and see what it’s about  We are also the first sorority ever in UK, this isn’t just about step. It’s about a sisterhood, it’s about supporting eachother as BAME women!  We’d also like all kinds of creatives, help with music mixes, video shoots and competitions Membership price covers the cost of step team performance uniform and permits access to all our exclusive society social events and performances.  Membership: £25 For non-performing members , membership cost includes a premium custom letter jacket that represents initiation into Sisterhood. follow us on insta and come support your queens ! Help us bring your energy and creativity with music. INSTAGRAM: @Royal.Alpha.RhoROYAL ALPHA RHO = SISTERHOOD FOR LIFEtell a friend to tell a friend xWHAT’S NEXT:  Extra training session: Monday 7:15pm -8:30pm Step Team Practice: TBA one day a week 2.5hrs UPCOMING PERFORMANCES:  Black History Month Campus Performance - 28.02.20  ACS Collab WildNOut Talent Event - 13.03.20  Barts London ‘Charisma’ Culture Showcase - 21.03.20  Bring it On cheer battle show with The Brentwood black ice cheer gym. circa April 2020