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Royal Holloway Enactus

We are a community of students committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives

Royal Holloway, University Of London


Enactus is a global non-profit organisation active in more than 40 countries and over 1800 universities. We implement economically, socially and environmentally sustainable solutions that empower others with the skills and knowledge to succeed. Enactus Royal Holloway is a society that aims to inspire, improve and transform the quality of life for thousands of people, both locally and globally! At Enactus Royal Holloway, students get to learn entrepreneurial skills whilst developing outreach projects which have a positive social impact on communities and help improve the standard of living for individuals and groups in need. Throughout the year we work on our high-quality projects, both local and international which YOU can be a part of - or you may be passionate about starting your own project!