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Royal Holloway Readers

Royal Holloway, University Of London


Royal Holloway Readers is a casual, non-academic book club which hosts bookish chats and adventures! If you’re a reader of any genre from YA to nonfiction to graphic novels, this is the place for you to come discuss it.We host meetings on all sorts of topics so whether you’re looking to participate in this term’s structured read-along with us or just pop by to find someone else who also can’t get over that one character’s untimely and tragic death, you’ll fit right in!One of our goals for this year is to diversify what we’re reading as a group. To start with, that means nominating underrepresented authors and looking into translated literature.If you’re a reader, a prospective reader, a bookworm, a bibliophile, or someone who just wants to be friends with any of the aforementioned types of people, Royal Holloway Readers is the society for you.Email or message us to get the invitation to the weekly meetings!