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Science Fiction

London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)


The LSESU Science Fiction Society is a club where you can explore the charm of science fiction.We welcome discussion around any form of science fiction work, including book, films, video games, comics, animation and so on.We believe that science fiction work is not just about entertainment (although it is super fun!), it also provides people with a unique insight into the relationship between technology and humanity. With its unlimited imagination and reflection on reality, science fiction reveals to us the possibilities of the past, the present and the future. Events and activities The LSESU Science Fiction Society holds regular forums, film viewing and book swap parties around science fiction works.We cover a wide range of sci-fi work in terms of themes and forms. Therefore, no matter you are a fan of space opera TV shows or an enthusiast of Cyberpunk video games, you can find what you like in this society.You may be interested in producing sci-fi work yourself; in that case, we also provide a workshop where you can discuss techniques on sci-fi production and exchange critiques on each other’s work. Moreover, we organise trips to sci-fi related events and museums whenever possible. 
Science Fiction


Science Fiction