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Welcome to the Middlesex Sci Fi and Fantasy Group!   A place to watch shows and movies, play games, and hang out with people with similar interests. A standard group meeting tends to involve a whole bunch of us huddled around learning to play a board game, whilst something or other plays in the background, and chatting. It's a laid back, good time, and is a great way to make friends! Facebook group  ​Facebook pageInstagram PageSFAF is for everyone who loves science fiction, fantasy, horror, and their subgenres across all media, such as literature, film, games, comics, manga, anime, art, design, and more. Due to the pandemic and not being able to meet in person all of last year weekily meetings will be confirmed once we know more of whats happening with rules etc. Previous (pre 2020) EventsTV show and film screenings on campusCinema tripsLightsaber combat classesRPG campaigns, board gaming, LARP meetingsTrips to conventions, eg. MCM London Comic Con, Animecon, Hyper Japan, London Film & Comic Con, and more with similar societies like the Gaming Society and Anime and Manga SocietyTrips to expos, exhibitions, or other relevant eventsThere is more that this society can do, and ideas are always welcome, so don't feel afraid to approach any of us on the committee with things you would like to see happen.
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