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2020/21 update: We now have a Whatsapp group & a Discord Server where we host regular events such as friday game nights! Come join our facebook group for details & announcements. Imperial College Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (ICSF) is dedicated to giving fantasy and science fiction fans a place to read, watch, discuss and generally enjoy the genres together, as well as chatting about almost anything we can think of! We run our own lending library, open weekday lunchtimes and plenty of other times besides, which also functions as a social space with a TV/Blu-ray player. Our collection contains almost 10,000 books, 2,600+ DVDs and 600+ graphic novels and counting, and is always expanding by member requests, so if we don't have something you're interested in, join up and tell us all about how fantastic it is, and we'll probably get it! But that isn't all we do - we're a very friendly and social club, with regular video showings as well as many social events outside our beloved library: Subsidised cinema trips and convention tickets, seasonal events for Halloween & Christmas, as well as bar nights & bookshop crawls. In February we run Picocon, our annual convention showcasing guest authors, book sales, special events and games. When there has been interest from the members we have even run a very successful Writer's Workshop. There's something for everyone, and we would love to see you around, so please come visit the library in the West basement of Beit Quad!
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