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Hello! Welcome to the Bulgarian Society, here at the University of Sheffield! How much do you know about Bulgaria or are you interested to know more about us? We are proud to be the oldest country in Europe and only country that has not changed its name since it was first established. We have saved many of our traditions to this day and would like to share them with you. Join us and become part of our lively, welcoming and united community. Whether you are an international Bulgarian student, a home student or simply want to be part of our society, this is your sign to JOIN. We understand how difficult it can be for new students to settle into the university life, which is why we ensure the home experience, when we are together! We take part in social gatherings, where we have the opportunity to all come together, share experiences and most of all, have fun! You have a birthday or a nameday? Don't worry, we celebrate those too, as well as our big holidays. Be part of the Bulgarian family and have a feel of the Bulgarian life, culture and social life. If you can't visit Bulgaria, we will bring Bulgaria over to you!