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Society of Immunology and Infectious Diseases

King's College London (KCL)


Welcome to KCL Society of Immunology and Infectious Disease (KCL SIID)! Immunology and Infectious Diseases are often seen as very daunting by students throughout the sciences, and across the world! (IL1? Ceftriaxone for meningitis? CD68+? Getting confusing right?) It doesn't have to stay this way - both subjects are easy and fun to get to know with our help. The nature of this field is so diverse that students across the medical sciences interested in virtually any clinical or academic specialty will benefit greatly by having an understanding of these subjects, throughout their entire career. And let's not forget - it's a common topic in exams! All of us at KCL SIID believe that students need to be exposed to these subjects at a good pace, with engaging and enjoyable material presented by passionate teachers. We have a range of excellent events throughout the year and we hope that some of you may even (hopefully) consider including it in their career pathway!   KCL SIID has three main objectives:  Increase the appreciation and awareness of immunology and infectious diseases, Provide students with opportunities to help consider a career in academic and/or clinical immunology and infectious diseases To boost the academic profile of students at KCL There are lots of ways we aim to meet these objectives, for example by providing: Talks and advice about making the most of your time academically at KCL, and the vastness of the opportunities and resources available to you In the UK (and potentially beyond). A particular emphasis will be made towards getting involved with research Revision sessions and materials to help you tackle these subjects with a strong advantage Opportunities to attend relevant conferences and seminars Engaging talks from enthusiastic teachers, on a range of interesting and clinically relevant topics Relaxing social events where you can have some fun with like-minded individuals Much more! Follow our social media pages for educational resources, events & updates and don't forget to join us by purchasing membership!