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 A warm welcome to the students of Greenwich. We are an academic society that hosts social events and ones based on employability. We welcome ALL University of Greenwich students (no matter which campus you are from) interested in sociology. We will also try to provide for those doing sociology and sociology with joint honours, a network where help is offered to those in need. We invite you all to join and expand your interest. We hope to have our very first society meeting with all of you in London throughout this year. Keep an eye out we are updating this!Contact us via our email or follow us on Twitter (sociology_uog) and Instagram (sociologysociety_uog) to keep up to date! Our events are always open to everyone and you in as much or as little as you want. If there is anything we can do to facilitate and make you comfortable, let us know!  We know that coming to an event is difficult at times, so feel free; if you feel anxious, come alone, or are unsure where to go, contact one of us, and we’ll meet you beforehand. We are willing to help and support you.  If we cannot meet face-to-face, then a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting will be organised instead where possible, which can be virtually accessed. Follow us on Twitter (sociology_uog) and Instagram (sociologysociety_uog) to keep updated. Join us at any point in the year, and be sure to reach out to us and get in contact via our email or just come along to an event. Feel free to ask us any questions, no matter if they seem silly on our social media or via our email (socisocietyuog@gmail.com). If you have any questions before September or at any other point, please contact us.We know uni and society can be confusing, but we are here to help. President: Sophie Hannigan (sh7602b@gre.ac.uk)Vice-Presidents: Umana Choudhury (uc5811n@gre.ac.uk) and Eleanor Gilgan Secretaries: Sophie Budd (sb4758r@gre.ac.uk) and Bradley Rees (br9483k@gre.ac.uk)Treasurer:  Lily Albrighton (la9195y@gre.ac.uk) 
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