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Hello and welcome to Swansea University Barristers' (Bar) Society, First and foremost, we are dedicated to providing students with the skills and experiences they will need when applying to the Bar and other legal professional routes, such as solicitors and legal executives. But rest assured, our events aim to be useful to any student, legally inclined or not. Whether you are deadset on becoming a barrister, aren't sure that becoming a Barrister is the right route for you, or don't even know what a Barrister is there will still be plenty for you here! From information sessions, to legal competitions, to casual and fun socials. Any student looking to further themselves, or even just take a break from studying will find something that appeals. If this sounds interesting to you, please consider purchasing a membership. If you aren't sold yet, or if you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out, either at our email, or any of our social media!