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Welcome! You've landed in the perfect spot if you're aspiring to build a career in the corporate world or are just passionate about delving deeper into the realm of investments. We understand how challenging and disheartening the application process can be, whether you're applying for spring insight weeks, summer internships, or graduate schemes, especially when aiming for top-tier corporate firms. Rejection letters can be discouraging, but this is where we step in! At FIS, our primary goal is to serve as a bridge, empowering students with the knowledge and skills that can enhance their chances of securing interviews and offers. We offer a plethora of opportunities including CV/Cover Letter (and more!) workshops, speaker events featuring from recent graduates to high-level executives, and practical simulations to hone your professional skills. Additionally, we organise networking events to broaden your horizons and social gatherings to integrate you into a growing community of like-minded students. Whether you're pursuing a degree unrelated to finance and have no prior experience in the field, it genuinely doesn't matter and don't let anything hold you back from learning. Joining UEAFIS might just be your springboard to a rewarding career. If you have a passion for stocks and investments, become a part of Oakwood Fund - our ESG Investment Fund, where you acquire the technical knowledge and hand-on experience needed to make your mark in the finance industry. By joining today, you will have access to our global network of professional finance expert speakers, mentors and alumni who will open doors for you in your career journey.


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