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Logo of University of Manchester Esports Society

University of Manchester Esports Society

University Of Manchester


The society's goal is to dominate in the University esport scenes as well as to help you make incredible friends. The club gives you the opportunity to show your skills whilist building teams to compete in weekly tournaments as well as other private University Invitational Tournaments. Currently we are working on hosting one of the largest Northern University Seasonal Championship for Valorant. Though upon interested we will be delighted to introduce other games towards the championship. But more importantly we do compete in our games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, Apex and Rocket League. More can be added upon interest. In terms of membership, over the course of this year, we will be hosting many different sorts of social events. A few of these events will be exclusive to society members. Additionally, being a member gives you many different perks, for example heavily discounted tickets,events pass, roles on discord, entry to tournaments, free drinks, etc.. + Invitation to the UoM Rivals Championship. Lastly, we are here to provide a platform for people to talk to others whilist building incredible friendships and memories. With many in-person social events coming up this year, it is vital that you join the society to get exculsive discounts and invitations.