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London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)


VIS is a society that aims to spread awareness about the field of value investing and personal wealth creation. Through discussion and debate we aim to educate students about the core tenets of value investing and how they can be modified to keep up with current and future market conditions while also giving an insight into personal investment management and personal finance strategies so that our community can learn about long term wealth generation.Members will have the chance to gain valuable insights into these fields through engaging hands-on events such as tutorials and more traditional events like panels involving professionals.VIS aims to create a community of students where new ideas about value investing can be cultivated and personal financial literacy is encouraged.Our Aims:Education: We aim to transcend knowledge on value investing to our members through debates, tutorials and competitions. We aspire to nuance our members’ ability to critically analyse equity markets to kickstart a greater understanding of retail investment and aim to impart knowledge and professional advice to spread awareness about personal finance development.Research: We aim to provide an insight to our members in the field of value investing and personal finance by documenting and analysing information. We also aim to publish this information in the hopes of bringing a new perspective to value investing and personal wealth management. Our goal is to bring our community together in discussing and debating differing perspectives present in these fields and facilitate the discovery of new ideas and innovation in these fields.Engage: We aim to build a sphere of constant engagement with the value investing community. We will engage our members through talks from prominent figures and hands-on discussions to learn from a vast array of opinions.Through constant feedback we want to create a member-involved society and focus on discussing ideas in the world of value investing and personal finance that members want to be voiced.
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