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•We are the Imperial College Vehicle Design Society: an open and innovative platform for student projects in the field of vehicular design which offers members the structure, knowledge and resources necessary to design, build and test their ideas. •NO LIMITS: any department, any year!•Our current project is to build a scale Hyperloop model, capable of traveling at over 400 km/h within a tunnel in near-vacuum! We're aiming to enter the SpaceX Hyperloop competition within the next two years with a fully custom-built Hyperloop pod .•PUSH THE BOUNDARIES: New concepts – New applications – A better environment •We provide members with access to industrial-standard manufacturing techniques within various university workshops and hackspaces, allowing us hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology to realise our blue-sky concepts. Through the world of vehicle design, we improve lives by designing our vehicles to augment human abilities – improved global meteorology data in real-time, unmanned construction and vastly-reduced travel times are just a few examples of this! •COMPETE WITH THE BEST: Participate and grow at the forefront of competitions around the world! •We take our ideas, whether conceptual or realised, to various different student competitions with a goal of improving and iterating on the idea, giving us plenty of feedback and networking opportunities along the way!
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