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Venture Capital Society

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The Venture Capital Society has been founded with regards of the following principles: 1) To help educate members and other students on both the venture capital industry and the distinct roles within it through events and news broadcasts. 2) Provide a forum and platform for students to discuss the venture capital industry. 3) Through speakers, teamwork, and discussion, work to enhance the career prospects of members who aim to work in the venture capital industry. 4) To provide our members with demo-workshops with guidance and mentorship on how to thrive in the venture capital industry. 5) To teach vital skills to our members, preparing them for internships and graduate programmes within the VC industry. We intend to run many venture capital specific career events throughout the year in alongside holding panel sessions with experienced professionals from various roles within the venture capital sector. Additionally, we will be holding social events in-person and online to enable students to grow their network and enhance their career prospects.


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