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Warwick Bar Society

Society to inform and encourage prospective barristers at the University of Warwick. Est. 2012

University Of Warwick


Warwick Bar Society is a society which aims to encourage and equip prospective barristers with the access to insight, knowledge, and opportunities to excel at the Bar. This year our executives have planned to bring you a variety of great opportunities. We have numerous career events and activities organised to maximise your networking opportunities with Barristers. For those of you looking to develop your advocacy and public speaking skills, we are introducing advocacy-based moots, competitions, and workshops. These are some of the many events and activities we have planned. We look forward to meeting you all! To find out more about our events, follow us on our Huzzle, Facebook and Instagram @warwickbarsoc and be updated on all our activities! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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