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We are the international relations society of Warwick, devoted to informing, connecting and engaging.

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IRSoc is a growing society for students who are interested in all things related to international relations and foreign affairs. We aim to provide a space for students who are curious about international relations to learn, have fun and gain new perspectives. Everyone is welcome, no matter their knowledge of international relations, degree, or year of study. From formal speaker events to themed circling nights, we have something for everyone. Academic events The past year we have conducted events hosting a range of foreign affairs experts including a panel on political action to fight climate change in Africa and Q&A’s with high profile speakers. This year, we have even more academic events planned which will give you the opportunity to challenge your outlooks, expand your knowledge of current affairs and understand how to enter a career in international relations. Social events This year we are planning to make the most of restrictions easing and have even more social events, including circling nights, informal debates and more. These events will give you the perfect opportunity to get to know like-minded students and have fun!
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