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Warwick Racing

The University of Warwick's Formula Student EV team.

University Of Warwick


At Warwick Racing, we proudly stand as a university-based, cross-disciplinary motorsports team dedicated to competing in the Formula Student division. Our dynamic team, composed of skilled engineers, designers, and business professionals, collectively strives to engineer a top-tier single-seat electric racing car from inception to realisation. Our ultimate objective is to craft an EV racing machine that seamlessly blends speed and endurance, enabling us to navigate a challenging series of circuits worldwide. Among these prestigious tracks is the historic Silverstone National Circuit, host to the Formula 1 British Grand Prix since 1950. Within our team, you'll find a diverse community of students spanning a wide spectrum disciplines. Each team member dedicates their extracurricular time to contribute to our ongoing projects while pursuing their academic studies. Our structured team encompasses dedicated Engineering, Business, and Marketing teams, working collaboratively to ensure the development and construction of a competitive car, while also overseeing the growth and outreach of the Warwick Racing brand. We are a unified force at the forefront of student motorsport. The experience goes beyond the thrill of racing, offering numerous opportunities both within the vibrant Warwick community and extending into the broader landscape of the motoring industry. Join us as we pave the way for innovation and excellence in student-led motorsports.







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