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King's College London (KCL)


KCL Women in Business and Finance Society aims to enhance the professional development of its members by maximizing their potential, allowing them to achieve success in the gender-disparate corporate world. We seek to be a strong and supportive networking group, embracing women of all cultures and faculties. We also aspire to provide a safe space for members to foster valuable connections with one another. We encourage women to recognise and support one another and, not least, having fun in our social gatherings. Empowered women, empower women. It is a harsh truth that women entering the business and finance world still face hurdles designed to hinder our success – whether its sexism or the gender pay gap. Issues like this inspired the birth of KCL Women in Business and Finance – a society designed to navigate ambitious and aspirational young women ranging from STEM to Arts backgrounds. By partnering with top consulting firms, tech firms, and banks, we’ve created programs such as recruitment seminars, skills workshops, and industry visits designed to empower the women of King’s. Our society is dedicated to helping you to achieve your deepest ambitions so join us today to explore the plethora of opportunities waiting for you.
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