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OUR VISION A society where people won’t be boggled when you say you’re a girl studying engineering. This society is for both women and men who believe that girls are capable to contribute in science equally and want to help increase the ratio of women in Engineering from the current 9%. We do this through helping women advance in their careers early, making a network of professional women as well as helping younger girls see what they can achieve in this field. WHAT WE DO 1. Careers We organise a variety of events to aid our members to network with the industry and academics. They range from inspiring talks, panel discussions to site visits. These talks are about giving our members the chance to gain skills and start figuring out where they want to go. 2. Social The Women Engineers society connects women engineers of both undergraduate and postgraduate level across all UCL. We organise fun socials with good music, free food and good conversations. 3. Outreach We want to be able to inspire and encourage girls still at school to study and pursue engineering in their career. We do this through careers fairs and workshops.
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