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Women of the Wohl

King's College London (KCL)


Women of the Wohl is a student and staff network promoting gender equality in STEM. Originally founded at Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute (hence our name!) at King's College London's Denmark Hill Campus in 2018, the network has since rapidly expanded beyond its roots to also become a student society recognised across King's. As a network, our key aims are: to provide a discussion platform promoting gender equality in STEM through an intersectional lens and how we can tackle obstacles preventing this to provide engaging opportunities to develop relevant career skills that equip network members as much as possible to navigate the challenges faced in the environment of research, academia and beyond (we recognize that it is systemic inequality that really needs to be 'fixed', not women!) lead initiatives that push for change for greater equality in STEM research & academia at King's be a supportive community base that facilitates informal mentorship and learning from experiences shared between members of all career and study levels To achieve our aims, and have an opportunity to feed concerns and areas for change back to King's, Women of the Wohl has established strong links with the Diversity & Inclusion team and their working groups based at the IoPPN, Denmark Hill. Women of the Wohl strives to be an intersectional network that truly supports equality for all women, regardless of differences in gender identity & expression, sexuality, race, disability and religion. We appreciate that many women experience additional disadvantage and marginalization due to many of these factors, and aim to ensure that the diverse perspectives of all woman are represented and voiced within the network. We always welcome and take seriously any feedback on how we can do better to be a welcoming, inclusive network for all, and encourage members to share this honestly with us to help us grow from strength to strength as a network. Our activities are always open to all (staff and students from all campuses) and we warmly welcome all allies who wish to join us in this. Keep up to date with our latest events and activities on our social media: Twitter | Instagram | Website 
Women Empowerment


Women Empowerment