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Societies should be an intergalactic success. We’ll be your rocketship.

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Take your Society
to the Moon 🚀

Multi-post events & collect applications, all in one place. Acquire sponsors. Network with other Societies. Grow your members.

Working with leading companies, universities and student associations

Everything about you –
in one place

Claim your society profile page, share events with students and keep track of everything on your dashboard.

Claim your society’s profile page, as you signup.

Get your unique QR code, and share it with students.

They easily sign up (no app required) and you can keep track on your dashboard.

Everything about you – in one place.

Don’t let anyone fall through the cracks. Capture students' attention and get them to sign up to your society right away (no app required).

Get your society’s profile page

Share your unique link or QR code at the freshers fair (online or offline)

Students sign up on their web browser and you can keep track on your dashboard

Join Huzzle and spend the money on things that truly make your company a better place to work.

Join Huzzle

Get sponsors and speakers knocking on your door.

Forget about cold outreach and getting ghosted. What if companies interested in your society came to you?

Companies get matched to you

Filter them and send them speaker or sponsorship requests

Where interested means attending.

200 interested → 50 attend
200 interested → 200 attend

Fill up your events, here's how it works:

1. Post on Huzzle and we’ll automatically distribute your event to Facebook & LinkedIn

2. Push automated app notifications & emails to your members

3. Share unique web links to your events and keep track of your members even if they’re not on the app

Get insight into who’s attending

1. Manage applications or event attendees.

2. Explore In-depth analytics on attendees

3. Export branded reports to share with companies

Experience consistent member growth.

Students at your university get matched to your events regardless of being a member or not. This way, you widen your reach and maintain consistent member growth through accessing thousands of students on a recurring basis.

Join Huzzle, claim your profile and take your society to the next level.