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Abcam plc, Discovery Drive, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB2 0AX, GB







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Abcam is a global life sciences company that specialises in the production and distribution of high-quality antibodies, proteins, and reagents used in scientific research and diagnostics. They offer a vast catalog of products, including primary and secondary antibodies, ELISA kits, and other biochemicals, to support researchers and healthcare professionals in their quest to understand biological processes and develop new treatments. Abcam's ultimate mission is to drive scientific discovery and improve human health by providing researchers with reliable and reproducible tools for their experiments. Their purpose lies in advancing research and accelerating the development of new therapies and diagnostic tests that have a positive impact on patients' lives. Through their commitment to quality and innovation, Abcam aims to be a trusted partner in the scientific community, contributing to breakthrough discoveries and advancements in the fields of life sciences and medicine.