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Mission & purpose

BAT (British American Tobacco) is a leading international tobacco company engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, and sale of cigarettes, tobacco, and nicotine-related products. With a presence in over 180 countries, BAT's primary focus is on satisfying consumer preferences and delivering quality products responsibly. Their ultimate mission is to provide adult consumers with a range of enjoyable and less risky alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes, including vaping and tobacco heating products. BAT's purpose extends beyond the products they offer; they are committed to operating sustainably, promoting responsible farming practices, supporting communities, and advocating for the reduction of smoking-related harm. By leveraging their expertise and innovative approach, BAT aims to transform the tobacco industry and contribute to a future where tobacco-related harm is significantly reduced.

Culture & values

We are bold

The people here are creative, adaptable and dedicated. These qualities form a powerful culture of resilience and a relentlessness to continually be better.

We are fast

On our transformation journey, speed really matters. We set clear direction for the future and move fast. I like that we work together as a team and share learnings with each other.

We are empowered

What I particularly like is that I’ve been given responsibility from day one. I have the freedom to come up with own ideas and drive decision making on the right level.

We are diverse

We absolutely value different perspectives and build on each other’s ideas, knowledge and experiences. BAT is a uniquely diverse organization where everyone can bring their difference.

We are responsible

Our A Better Tomorrow agenda gives a clear purpose to those working at BAT. We want to reduce the health impact of our business. I believe we all feel responsible for delivering upon this goal.