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BETTER SOLUTIONS, INTELLIGENTLY ENGINEERED Harnessing the expertise and creativity of our people to create a better, more sustainable world. Ours is a world on the move. Ambitious people are unleashing developing economies, smart technologies are opening the door to new opportunities. The old ways of designing and delivering buildings, communities and the infrastructure that connects them are being rapidly overtaken by the demand for better, faster, cheaper solutions. While you can’t buy certainty, you can invest in experience – the kind of experience which views digitally-enabled technology as a better route to robust, reliable delivery. At BWB Consulting, we see these technologies opening up new horizons in the Built and Natural Environments and in Transport and Infrastructure: intelligent tools which enable us to confront challenges and drive improved performance. Trusted to deliver on behalf of Blue Chip clients and major public bodies, BWB’s award-winning team blends seasoned experience of solid delivery with the eternal fascination of enthusiastic engineers – people empowered by the potential of digital engineering, willing to challenge convention, but focused relentlessly on how they can deliver increasingly effective results for Clients and Stakeholders. Our willingness to embrace change while staying focused on Client need has made us both a Trusted Partner and an Employer of Choice: an agile organisation excited by the ways in which Big Data, Smart Connectivity and Intelligent Design can be applied to the Built and Natural Environments, and to Transport and Infrastructure, to meet the rising expectations of our restless, urbanising world. Collaborative, committed and commercially-minded, BWB’s focus is clear: attract the best creative talent, deploy the best technology, develop the best relationships and deliver the best results – always with the Client in mind.