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We are the San Francisco Fed, public servants with a congressionally mandated mission to promote a healthy and sustainable economy and support the nation’s financial and payment systems. With offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland, as well as cash processing in Phoenix, we are the Twelfth Federal Reserve District. We serve one fifth of the nation’s population—the largest and most diverse of the twelve Federal Reserve Districts within the Federal Reserve System. As part of the nation’s central bank, we inform monetary policy, regulate banks, administer certain consumer protection laws, and act as a financial partner to the U.S. government. We listen, learn, and reflect the communities we serve so we can make better decisions and policy to help our nation thrive. We also have unique responsibilities and areas of expertise within the Federal Reserve System. For example, the San Francisco Fed is the headquarters for the Federal Reserve’s Cash Product Office, which oversees and supports the entire System’s cash distribution process. With global technology hubs in our District, our Fintech team facilitates innovation that is designed to improve market efficiency, yield public benefits, and promote people and businesses’ fair, informed, and transparent access to financial services. As part of our commitment to understanding how current and future risks affect our dual mandate goals, our Sustainable Growth team in Economic Research focuses their research on assessing the economic effects of a changing climate. Unreserved opportunity is the touchstone that guides our work. We believe opportunity is not a luxury—it is a necessity and needs to be accessible to everyone. By achieving our dual mandate of maximum employment and price stability, we see ourselves as opportunity builders, helping our economy and every American reach their full potential.