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Mission & purpose

Fever is an innovative entertainment platform that aims to redefine how people discover and experience entertainment and leisure activities. Through their app and website, Fever curates a wide range of unique and immersive events, from live performances and cultural experiences to pop-up events and hidden gems in cities around the world. Their ultimate mission is to connect people with unforgettable experiences, creating moments of joy, discovery, and connection. Fever's purpose is to inspire people to explore and make the most of their city, offering them a platform to discover new things, engage with their passions, and create lasting memories. By combining technology, data, and creativity, Fever is transforming the way people engage with entertainment and leisure, making it more accessible, personalised, and exciting for everyone.

Culture & values

See opportunity where others may see obstacles

Yes, we celebrate the discovery of issues we can improve! At Fever, we provide and receive direct and actionable feedback. This means that every criticism or challenge spotted must come with a proposed solution.

Make decisions based on facts and data

We leverage data to inform (or correct) our intuition and aren't afraid to re-think ideas/ assumptions when presented with new data. We identify root causes and go beyond treating symptoms.

We are bar-raisers

We truly believe that a few motivated and skilled team members achieve much more than many who are disengaged or ineffective. This also means we are humble enough to acknowledge mistakes ('ego' wastes everybody's time).

Get Things Done

At Fever, we are team players who care for the results of the whole group and take action to fix issues (opportunities) beyond our specific assignments. To do so, we over-communicate with colleagues, provide context, and follow-up until it's done. We are all, without exception, hands-on and lead by example.

We are Fast

"Good and fast" is 10x better than "perfect and slow". We do not drown ourselves in processes

Prioritize our work and the use of our resources

Prioritizing means we work on the issues that matter the most for our users and our results. To do so, we pick our battles wisely and regularly challenge the impact of what we are doing.

We are entrepreneurial and ambitious!

We are leading the way. We are innovators, together!