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Mission & purpose

SITA operates in the aviation industry, providing IT and communication solutions for airports, airlines, and air transport companies. Their services include airport management systems, passenger processing solutions, baggage handling systems, and air traffic management solutions. SITA's ultimate goal is to enhance the efficiency, safety, and overall passenger experience in air travel through innovative technology solutions. Their purpose revolves around facilitating seamless communication and data sharing within the aviation industry, enabling airports and airlines to optimise their operations, improve customer service, and ensure a smooth travel experience for passengers. SITA aims to be a trusted partner in the aviation sector, driving digital transformation and technological advancements to shape the future of air travel.



We provide you with access to the medical care you need, life insurances and competitive retirement savings to help prepare for the future.

Live a healthy life

We actively encourage a healthy lifestyle, offering location-based initiatives, like exercise or stress relief classes, to our global employee assistance program.

Enjoy quality time

With our generous vacation and leave provisions, you’ll be able to take time away from the office to recharge, spend time with family or pursue personal interests.

Care for your family

We support you and your loved ones through various stages of life, with parental and adoption leaves as well as information, resources and care programs.

Our Employee Assistance Program

The service is there for you and your family, any time, with real, practical help. It supports your mental, physical, social, and financial well-being, whether you're thinking about quitting smoking, eating healthier, struggling with stress or anxiety, or you could use some help managing a big change or challenge in your life. You can turn to the EAP for support and strategies from an expert advisor or a referral to a counseling.