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AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship

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AI generated summary

  • You need a career focus in relevant fields, humility to learn, technical aptitude, exceptional writing skills, critical thinking, and professionalism.
  • You will interview experts, draft SOP documentation using AI, edit for clarity, collaborate with teams, refine AI engine, organize information, develop templates, gather feedback, present and potentially train staff.


  • Pursuing a long-term career in a relevant field, such as Business Administration, Construction Management, Information Technology, Journalism, Teaching, etc.
  • A balanced combination of the humility to recognize all there is to learn and listen intently to all stakeholders, as well as the inquisitiveness and confidence to pursue answers and understanding and figure things out when needed
  • Strong technical aptitude and the ability to quickly grasp and explain complex concepts.
  • Exceptional writing and communicating skills, with the ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Professionalism, including:
  • Superb interpersonal skills at all levels and with all stakeholders
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Good attention to detail, with the ability to recognize discrepancies
  • Strong work ethic – highly motivated and willing to do what it takes to get the job done right
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • The ability to work reliably and effectively, both independently and as part of a team
  • Working knowledge of computers and experience with Microsoft Word and Excel


  • Leverage curiosity to conduct interviews with internal subject matter experts to identify company processes and procedures.
  • Utilize AI platform to draft standard operating procedures (SOP) documentation in a consistent and comprehensive manner.
  • Proofread and edit AI generated SOP drafts to ensure accuracy and clarity.
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure SOPs are consistent with company standards.
  • Refine and improve the AI engine’s results and quality in the SOP drafting process through key word usage, tone of voice, formatting, citation, etc.
  • Organize and structure information effectively, ensuring logical flow and user-friendly navigation within the documentation.
  • Develop and maintain a style guide and documentation templates to ensure consistency across all documentation.
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams, such as Sitework, Demo, Utilities, and Overlot, to gather feedback and improve the quality of the documentation.
  • Maintain accurate records of all SOPs and related documents.
  • Present to and potentially train staff on the standard operating procedures.


How can I apply for the AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship position?

To apply for the AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship position, please submit your resume and cover letter through our online application portal. Make sure to highlight your relevant experience and qualifications for the role.

What are the key responsibilities of the AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship?

The key responsibilities of the AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship include conducting interviews with subject matter experts, drafting SOP documentation using AI platforms, editing and proofreading SOP drafts, collaborating with teams to ensure consistency, refining the AI engine's results, maintaining accurate records, and potentially training staff on standard operating procedures.

What qualifications are required for the AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship?

Qualifications for the AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship include pursuing a career in a relevant field, strong technical aptitude, exceptional writing and communication skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, professionalism, strong organizational and time management skills, and working knowledge of computers and software such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

How will I be trained and supported during the AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship?

During the AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship, you will receive training and support from subject matter experts and cross-functional teams. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, receive feedback on your work, and participate in ongoing professional development opportunities.

What is the duration of the AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship?

The duration of the AI Technical Writing - Field Work Internship will be specified in the internship offer letter. Typically, internships range from a few months to a year, depending on the organization's needs and the intern's availability.

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