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Corporate Development Intern

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Vertex Inc.

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  • Enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program as a rising senior in Business or related majors with a demonstrated interest in Strategy, Corporate Development, New Markets, Innovation, and M&A. Must be located near King of Prussia, PA headquarters for occasional onsite collaboration. Must communicate clearly, work with urgency, have a "We Can" mindset, drive to decisions, and take ownership of outcomes.
  • The Corporate Development Intern at Vertex Inc. will research industry trends, analyze financial data, evaluate growth opportunities, prepare reports for leadership, assist in deal execution, and support post-acquisition integration for the company.

Off-cycle Internship

Business, Operations & StrategyPhiladelphia, Pittsburgh


  • Vertex Inc, a leader in Tax Technology and global SaaS organization is hiring 2024 Summer Interns for various departments within our Office of Strategy!


  • Enrolled in bachelor’s degree program through an Accredited University as a rising senior level in Business, Strategy, or related majors.
  • Show a demonstrated interest in one or more of the following areas: Strategy, Corporate Development, New Markets, Innovation and M&A.
  • Within commuting distance to our King of Prussia, PA headquarters for occasional onsite team collaboration.
  • Communicate with Clarity - Be clear, concise and actionable. Be relentlessly constructive. Seek and provide meaningful feedback.
  • Act with Urgency - Adopt an agile mentality - frequent iterations, improved speed, resilience. 80/20 rule – better is the enemy of done. Don’t spend hours when minutes are enough.
  • Work with Purpose - Exhibit a “We Can” mindset. Results outweigh effort. Everyone understands how their role contributes. Set aside personal objectives for team results.
  • Drive to Decision - Cut the swirl with defined deadlines and decision points. Be clear on individual accountability and decision authority. Guided by a commitment to and accountability for customer outcomes.
  • Own the Outcome - Defined milestones, commitments and intended results. Assess your work in context, if you’re unsure, ask. Demonstrate unwavering support for decisions.

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Area of Responsibilities

Business, Operations & Strategy


  • Develop and maintain a working knowledge of relevant industry sectors, including indirect tax and specialty content, e-invoicing, customs and duties, office of the CFO, and enabling technologies including monitoring and analyzing relevant transactions that occur in the marketplace.
  • Research and analyze industry trends, adjacent markets, competitive landscapes, and market dynamics to evaluate potential growth areas and strategic opportunities.
  • Conduct in-depth financial analysis, including valuation, pro forma financial modeling, and scenario analysis, to evaluate potential M&A, divestitures, and investment opportunities.
  • Evaluate new markets for Vertex to enter, problems to be solved, and how to enter. This may include market sizing, competitive analysis, customer needs analysis and build-buy-partner analysis.
  • Prepare and present reports, analyses, and recommendations to leadership.
  • Assist in the execution of deals, including project management, preparing presentations, financial analyses, and business cases for potential transactions.
  • Support the integration process after successful acquisitions, working to align acquired businesses with the company's overall strategy and operations.
  • Collaborate with operational teams to ensure a seamless transition and realization of anticipated synergies.


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Part time

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Start date

Jun 9, 2024


Philadelphia, Pittsburgh