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  • You must be a postsecondary student in math, engineering, or computing with strong analytical skills, statistics knowledge, and programming experience. Excellent communication skills are a must for working with experts and staff.
  • You will analyze data, train machine learning models, present findings, create visualizations, document results, and work on a design-focused capstone project.

Off-cycle Internship



  • At PCL, we build the places where life happens and find camaraderie in the process. We're a community of builders committed to building better communities. That's why we're always looking ahead, and not just to the next project or what's next in our industry 
  • We're also looking at what's next for you and how we can help you build a career you're proud of. As a student at PCL, you will get the opportunity for challenging work assignments in a supportive work environment which promotes personal and professional growth.  
  • We are seeking a Data Science Student for our Canadian Industrial Division district office in Edmonton, AB, that is available for 4 or 8 months starting in September 2024. This position will be under the direct supervision of the Manager, Data Science. 


  • Currently enrolled in a postsecondary program
  • You should be an outstanding bachelor's or mathematics student in engineering, computing, or mathematical sciences. Alternatively, you could be pursuing an MSc in a quantitative field. If your field of study differs, apply: we’d like to hear why you'll be a good fit regardless.
  • Analytical skills – ability to quickly analyze data to identify and visualize key insights – as evidenced by coursework, projects, or research requiring the analysis of large datasets.
  • Coursework in statistics. Applied statistics and probability are the focus of the position: if you can converse about regression models, and clustering approaches, you'll be fine.
  • Prior exposure to a statistical or scientific programming environment is helpful. If you don't have it, you'll become familiar while you're with us. We have a bias for open source tech, and work with the Python scientific stack, R, PowerBI, and various data pipeline tools.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills will help. You'll work with both experts in the field and business staff, so you’ll find it important to be able to communicate appropriately with both as needed.

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  • Gain proficiency in exploratory data analysis, perform it, and present insights.
  • Prepare data sets for visualization and machine learning modeling.
  • Train machine learning systems using data annotation and benchmarking techniques.
  • Help your colleagues assess AI/ML model performance and propose paths for potential improvement.
  • Prepare data visualizations using industry-leading tools to summarize results for stakeholders.
  • Document your results - tell the story of the work, the successes, and the lessons-learned for posterity.
  • Keep an open mind, in order to utilize your unique skills and your determination when other opportunities arise.
  • This position has a twist. Contingent on successful early work, the team member will have a chance to build their portfolio through a capstone project. For the final two months, a portion of their time will be focused on a design-focused initiative, of value to PCL, of their choosing. You'll be supported while you:
  • Develop a proposal
  • Engage with the right people to inform your work
  • Build your prototype or visualization
  • Assess and present the results


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