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🚀 Off-cycle Internship


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  • You need knowledge of optics, coding skills for data analysis, device concepts understanding, lab equipment familiarity, record-keeping, and problem-solving abilities. Must be a registered full-time or part-time student in a post-secondary institution.
  • You will perform tests, develop test equipment, support root cause analysis, investigate defects, and analyze data in LCOS R&D at Lumentum.

Off-cycle Internship



  • We are looking for 1 candidate for an 8-month placement from September 2024 through April 2025, 4-month placement would be considered but not preferred. The position would be hybrid but typically has a heavy in lab component. The default would be on site work unless there are specific tasks that can be done remotely such as data analysis, code development, or documentation of results.


  • Desired Skills & Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of optics fundamentals such as polarization, refraction, and diffraction.
  • Experience with coding to support data analysis, process automation or modeling
  • Familiarity with device concepts like electric polarizability, circuits, and electronic components
  • Experience with common lab equipment like microscopes, oscilloscopes, multimeters
  • Careful record-keeping and creative problem solving
  • To be considered for this opportunity:
  • You must be registered full-time or part time, in a recognized post-secondary institution

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  • The LCOS research student responsibilities would include but not be limited to the following:
  • Performing tests to qualify product designs and reliability
  • Develop and enhance internally designed and built LCOS test equipment
  • Support root cause analysis of novel failure modes
  • Support investigations into the performance impact of defects and establishing pass/fail criteria
  • Analysis of test and manufacturing data


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