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Machine Learning Engineering Intern

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  • You should have a strong background in Python/C++, machine learning frameworks, and cloud services, along with excellent analytical skills and teamwork abilities. Mobile development knowledge is a plus.
  • You will research, develop, and deploy machine learning models, collaborate with teams, process vast datasets in real-time, integrate models for real-world applications, enhance model performance, stay updated on tech advancements, and engage in mentoring.


  • Pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field – PHD Candidates preferred.
  • Demonstrated skills in Python/C++, C#, Swift, or Objective-C.
  • Familiarity with PyTorch, TensorFlow, Flutter, or similar frameworks.
  • Understanding of machine learning, computer vision, and robotics.
  • Experience with cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP) is a plus.
  • Mobile development knowledge for Android/iOS is beneficial.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills.


  • Research and develop machine learning models from inception to deployment.
  • Work collaboratively with teams to transform business needs into robust technical solutions.
  • Craft algorithms for processing vast datasets efficiently in real-time.
  • Integrate models with various platforms for real-world applications.
  • Enhance model performance for greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • Keep abreast of technological advancements to foster innovation.
  • Engage in mentoring and knowledge exchange.


What kind of projects will I be working on as a Machine Learning Engineering Intern?

As a Machine Learning Engineering Intern, you will be working on designing, training, and integrating advanced machine learning capabilities across diverse platforms. Projects may involve Large Language and Vision Models, Multimodal Generative AI, Autonomous Systems, Computer Vision, and other cutting-edge technologies.

What skills and qualifications are required for this internship position?

We are looking for proactive interns with a passion for innovation and excellence in domains such as Deep Learning Techniques, Model Optimization, Robotics, Cloud Technologies, and more. Strong programming skills, familiarity with machine learning algorithms, and experience with relevant technologies are highly desired.

Will I have the opportunity to collaborate with other engineers and professionals during the internship?

Yes, as a Machine Learning Engineering Intern, you will have the opportunity to work closely with a talented group of engineers on dynamic full-stack teams. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are encouraged to drive impactful machine learning solutions.

What can I expect to gain from this internship experience?

This internship provides a hands-on learning experience in designing, training, and integrating advanced machine learning capabilities. You will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects, gain valuable industry experience, and contribute to impactful solutions deployable across diverse platforms.

How long is the internship duration and will there be opportunities for full-time employment upon completion?

The internship duration may vary, but typically lasts for a few months. While full-time employment is not guaranteed, exceptional interns may be considered for future opportunities within the company based on performance and availability.

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