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PhD Research Intern, Generalist Embodied Agents Research - Summer 2024

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25d ago

🚀 Summer Internship

Santa Clara

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  • You should be pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science/Engineering, proficient in Python, C++, and CUDA, skilled in training large generative models, and experienced in reinforcement learning and robotics. Experience with common AI frameworks is a plus.
  • You will design innovative methods for LLMs and multimodal models, build scalable infrastructure, collaborate with product teams, and work with external researchers at NVIDIA.

Summer Internship

Research & DevelopmentSanta Clara


  • NVIDIA is searching for an outstanding researcher on the topic of Foundation Models for Generalist Embodied Agent Research (GEAR). Everything that moves will eventually be autonomous. ChatGPT unifies all kinds of natural language understanding tasks in a single interface: text in, text out. What is the equivalent for an Embodied Agent? What does it take to build a model that actively explores the world, ingests a multimodal sensory stream, plans over long horizons, acquires new skills, and bootstraps its own capabilities?


  • Must be pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc.
  • Outstanding engineering skills for rapid research prototyping, open-source release, or production development.
  • Experience in Python, C++ and CUDA
  • Excellent knowledge and hands-on experience for training LLMs, multimodal foundation models, or large generative models.
  • Experience in reinforcement learning, agent learning, and robotics are desirable.
  • Knowledge of common AI frameworks, such as PyTorch.

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Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development


  • Design and implement novel techniques and methods for LLMs, multimodal models, and embodied agents.
  • Engineer robust infrastructure and data pipelines for scaling up foundation models.
  • Work with product groups to transfer technology.
  • Collaborate with external researchers.


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Full time

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Santa Clara