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• Starts Jun 2

R&D Project Management Internship

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🚀 Summer Internship

San Diego

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  • Seeking a current Bachelor’s or Graduate student with a GPA of 3.2 or higher, strong project management, communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills, proficient in Microsoft Office, with a proactive, detail-oriented, and adaptable approach to R&D project management.
  • The candidate will work on developing project plans, coordinating cross-functional teams, maintaining project documentation, managing timelines, optimizing resource allocation, engaging stakeholders, resolving problems, monitoring performance metrics, collaboratively engaging with internal and external stakeholders, and receiving mentorship and guidance from experienced project managers and leadership teams.

Summer Internship

Research & DevelopmentSan Diego


  • Werfen’s San Diego Internship Program is a 10-week, full-time, paid assignment that takes place over the course of the summer and is open to undergraduate students who are currently pursuing a degree from an accredited college or university. 
  • The Internship program has been designed to allow students to learn through hands on experience, providing an opportunity to blend textbook knowledge with practical experience. Students will contribute to the development of new or improved medical diagnostic tests and will be given the opportunity to work cross functionally with other departments to maximize their learning opportunities.


  • Minimum Knowledge & Experience required for the position:
  • Currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Graduate degree program with a minimum GPA of 3.2.
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities, projects and assignments simultaneously.
  • Strong leadership, organization and interpersonal skills
  • Strong proficiency using Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  • Ensure and maintain compliance with the Company’s quality system requirements through training and adherence to policies, procedures and processes.
  • Eagerness to learn through hands-on application of project/program management best-practices
  • Skills & Capabilities:
  • Project Management Skills: Demonstrated understanding of project management principles, including planning, execution, and monitoring.
  • Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills to facilitate effective collaboration within cross-functional teams and articulate complex ideas clearly.
  • Organizational Skills: Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously, ensuring deadlines are met and resources are optimized.
  • Problem-Solving: Proactive problem-solving ability, with a keen analytical mindset to address challenges and propose viable solutions.
  • Team Collaboration: Capacity to work collaboratively within a team environment, engaging with diverse stakeholders to achieve common goals.
  • Detail-Oriented: Meticulous attention to detail, ensuring accuracy in project documentation and reporting.
  • Adaptability: Flexibility to adapt to changing project requirements and organizational priorities.
  • Initiative: Proactive approach to tasks, taking ownership of responsibilities and seeking opportunities to contribute beyond assigned duties.
  • Technical Aptitude: Basic understanding of relevant technical concepts and tools in the R&D field.
  • Learning Agility: Eagerness to stay informed about industry trends, project management methodologies, and emerging technologies, displaying a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

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Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development


  • Project Planning: Assist in developing comprehensive project plans, defining key milestones and resource requirements.
  • Coordination: Facilitate effective communication among cross-functional teams, ensuring alignment with project objectives and timelines.
  • Documentation: Maintain accurate project documentation, including progress reports, risk assessments, and other relevant materials for a comprehensive Design History File.
  • Timeline Management: Monitor project timelines and proactively identify potential delays or roadblocks, proposing solutions to keep projects on track.
  • Resource Allocation: Support in optimizing resource allocation, ensuring teams have the necessary tools and support for successful project execution.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, fostering positive relationships and ensuring alignment with project goals.
  • Problem Resolution: Address challenges and obstacles promptly, implementing effective solutions to maintain project momentum.
  • Performance Metrics: Develop and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate project success and contribute to the overall R&D function's performance assessment.
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Networking/Key relationships:
  • Internal Collaboration: Engage with cross-functional teams, fostering strong relationships with researchers, engineers, and other project contributors to ensure seamless communication and coordination.
  • Cross-Functional Communication: Collaborate with departments such as marketing, finance, and operations to align project goals with broader organizational objectives, requiring effective communication across diverse functions.
  • Supervision and Mentorship: Work closely with experienced project/program managers, receiving guidance and mentorship while providing regular updates on project status and seeking insights for effective problem-solving methodologies.
  • Leadership Engagement: Communicate regularly with leadership teams to provide updates on project progress, evaluate strategic implications, and seek guidance on aligning project goals with the overall organizational vision


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Full time

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Start date

Jun 2, 2024


San Diego