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Nov 3

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    Off-cycle Internship
  • Research & Development
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AI generated summary

  • The candidate must have a PhD or exceptional non-PhD status in Machine Learning, NLP, or related disciplines, experience in large-scale training strategies and ML models, knowledge of autoregressive sequence models, strong communication and problem-solving skills, programming knowledge, and expertise in ML frameworks. They should also have a passion for applied NLP models and products, published research in relevant fields, proficiency in quantitative methodologies and complex data analysis, and the ability to apply research to real-world problem-solving.
  • The research intern will engage in cutting-edge machine learning research, focusing on language modelling and related areas. They will conduct experiments, disseminate findings, and contribute to practical applications in product development.


  • Are currently pursuing, or in the process of obtaining, a PhD in Machine Learning, NLP, Artificial Intelligence, or a related discipline. We will also consider exceptional non-PhD candidates.
  • Are eligible for work authorization in the country of employment at the time of hire and maintain ongoing work authorization throughout the internship period.
  • Have experience using large-scale distributed training strategies, data annotation and evaluation pipelines, or implementing state of the art ML models.
  • Are familiar with autoregressive sequence models, such as Transformers.
  • Have strong communication and problem-solving skills with the ability to convey complex research findings clearly and succinctly.
  • Have knowledge, or are knowledgeable, of programming languages such as Python, C, C++, Lua, or related languages.
  • Have knowledge of related ML frameworks such as JAX, Pytorch and Tensorflow.
  • Have previous experience in building systems based on machine learning and deep learning techniques.
  • Demonstrate passion for applied NLP models and products.
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • Demonstrated expertise through publications in top tier venues in fields such as machine learning, NLP, artificial intelligence, computer vision, optimization, computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, or data science.
  • Proven ability to tackle analytical problems using quantitative methodologies.
  • Proficiency in handling and analysing complex, high-dimensional data from various sources.
  • Experience in applying theoretical and empirical research to real-world problem-solving.


  • Conduct cutting-edge machine learning research, building and training large language models.
  • Focus on research projects aimed at expanding the frontier of knowledge in language modelling and associate areas such as evaluation, multimodal models, optimisation etc.
  • Disseminate your research results through the production of publications, datasets, and code.
  • Contribute to research initiatives that have practical applications in Cohere’s product development.

At Cohere, our mission is to build machines that understand the world, and to make them safely accessible to all.

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Cohere provides unprecedented access to affordable, easy-to-deploy large language models. Our platform gives computers the ability to read and write - whether you want to better understand what your customers are saying, or you want to write compelling copy that speaks to your target audience, Cohere can help.