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Software Engineer Intern (E-Commerce Business Growth- Data Compass) - 2024 Summer (MS/PhD)

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  • Seeking MS/PhD candidates proficient in Python, Spark, TensorFlow/PyTorch, with hands-on experience in data structure algorithms, machine learning, and business project implementation. Experience in e-commerce data engineering, deep learning, time series forecasting, and search/recommendation systems is preferred. Must be result-oriented, customer-oriented, team player, and self-driven.
  • The Software Engineer Intern will optimize e-commerce operations and marketing strategies for sellers and influencers on TikTok, using data analysis, machine learning techniques, and model deployment to boost product growth, customer engagement, and revenue.

Summer Internship

Software Engineeringβ€’Seattle


  • We are looking for talented individuals to join us for an internship in 2024. Internships at TikTok aim to offer students industry exposure and hands-on experience. Turn your ambitions into reality as your inspiration brings infinite opportunities at TikTok.
  • Internships at TikTok aim to provide students with hands-on experience in developing fundamental skills and exploring potential career paths. A vibrant blend of social events and enriching development workshops will be available for you to explore. Here, you will utilize your knowledge in real-world scenarios while laying a strong foundation for personal and professional growth. This Internship Program runs for 12 weeks beginning in May/June 2024


  • Currently pursuing a Masters degree or PhD in Computer Science, Data Mining, Statistics, Operations Research or relevant subjects.
  • Proficiency in coding skills using Python, Spark, Tensorflow/PyTorch, and other deep learning tools.
  • Hands-on experience with data structure algorithms, machine learning models such as sales forecasting, classification task, deep learning etc.
  • Proven experience of implementing business projects and launching product features.
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experienced with feature engineering from massive raw data, such as customer/seller/influencer profiling and e-commerce transactions.
  • Experienced in deep learning, time series forecasting, causal inference or relevant fields.
  • Solid understanding of search and recommendation systems, with an emphasis on AIGC field, is a plus.
  • A strong desire to learn and discover new things, result-oriented, customer-oriented, team player, and self-driven.

Education requirements

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Area of Responsibilities

Software Engineering


  • Improve the working efficiency of e-commerce merchants, influencers, and account managers to boost the growth of sellers' products, customers, and revenue.
  • Participate in the optimization of sellers' operations, such as marketing insights, assortment planning, customer relationship management (CRM), anomaly detection, and diagnostic attribution.
  • Participate in the optimization of merchandise operations, such as seasonal and trend analysis, supply and demand analysis, new product and product growth analysis, and improving the alignment of products and associated traffic.
  • Participate in the optimization of the marketing strategies and Return on Investment (ROI) of sellers and influencers in TikTok e-commerce live streaming, short video, and ShopTab.
  • Analyze and conduct feature engineering for massive data such as customer profiling, e-commerce transactions, relationships between products, business opportunities, and deploy the model pipeline.
  • Use techniques such as representation learning, graph modelling, causal inference, and time series forecasting to assist merchants and influencers in problem-solving and discovering growth opportunities.
  • Run experiments to test the performance of deployed models, and identifies and resolves bugs that arise in the process
  • Work in a team setting and apply knowledge in statistics, scripting and programming languages required by the firm


Work type

Full time

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