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Advanced Artist

  • Job
    Senior (5-8 years)
  • Design
  • Remote

AI generated summary

  • You must have excellent communication skills, advanced proficiency in Maya, Z-brush, and Photoshop, artistic ability, and the ability to work under pressure to strict deadlines.
  • You will create 3D models, textures, lighting environments, and materials/shaders using Maya, Z-Brush, and Photoshop. Implement dynamic lighting, post effects, and animation. Provide feedback, mentor junior artists, and improve production pipeline efficiency. Attend reviews, document processes, and stay current with industry advancements.


  • Good demonstration of skills through CV/Showreel/Website or Art Tests
  • Excellent communication and organisation skills to manage relationships at all levels within the Company and externally.
  • Strong interest in mentoring and developing other members of the team.
  • Advanced working knowledge and proficiency in Maya, Z-brush and Photoshop
  • Proficient understanding of in-house tools and software used in development
  • Practical and methodical approach to both technical and creative problem-solving
  • Excellent artistic ability
  • Demonstrates dependability and commitment to projects / tasks
  • Flexible approach with the ability to adapt with change
  • Ability to work under pressure and to strict deadlines


  • Creating 3D models using packages provided (Maya, Z-Brush and Photoshop)
  • Creating and applying 2D textures – create and apply texture maps to the specification set by the Lead Artist
  • Lighting environments – ability to apply good lighting principles to all artistic output
  • Creating materials/shaders – Diff/Spec/Norm maps etc. and being responsible for the final look
  • Setup of dynamic lighting, post effects and basic scene animation via in-house editors
  • Highly adept at using software features to create game-ready, fully-optimised assets. Advanced ability to create and identify work product that respects game performance and engine integration constraints.
  • Depending on specialty, applies advanced techniques to game content work flows in order to execute responsibilities.
  • Advanced knowledge of tools and features of multiple software suites. Creates tools and/or works with engineering staff to create and improve tools.
  • Strong knowledge of the production pipeline. Able to provide recommendations to improve pipeline efficiency.
  • Attend regular reviews of their work (and present all concept and ref used)
  • Constructively feedback any concerns of design impact on level/work.
  • Determines technical or creative approaches and/or develops new or enhanced concepts, process and tools - and documents them.
  • Responsibility for facilitating the documentation, and updating of existing documentation, in relation to the software and processes utilised by the department.
  • Undertake relevant on-the-job training where required and keep up-to-date with industry advancements and technologies
  • Provide coaching to Artists and Junior Artists where appropriate and with direction from Lead Artist
  • Line Management Responsibilities:
  • Acts as a mentor and role model. Actively shares knowledge within area of expertise and influences other related disciplines.
  • Provides training, guidance and/or direction to less experienced employees and reviews or provides feedback on their work.
  • Leverages advanced expertise to troubleshoot issues for self and others.
  • Check in with the Art team to monitor how their work is going and that they have all relevant information they need.
  • Assist the Art Director and Lead Artist in reviews of artwork created.
  • Communicate art direction from the Art Director when required to the Art team.


What are the key responsibilities of an Advanced Environment Artist?

An Advanced Environment Artist is responsible for creating in-game environments compliant with game design both technically and aesthetically, contributing original ideas towards all aspects of the project, and ensuring consistency between vision and implementation of environment assets.

What level of experience is required for the role of Advanced Environment Artist?

The role of Advanced Environment Artist requires a high level of experience and expertise in a specialty or subset of Environment Art, as well as a strong understanding of key design principles and fundamental art skills.

How does an Advanced Environment Artist work with the Art Director, Leads, Designers, and other Artists within the studio?

An Advanced Environment Artist works closely with the Art Directors, Leads, Designers, and other Artists within the studio on a day-to-day basis to help define the scope of work for assigned tasks, ensure consistency between vision and implementation of environment assets, and contribute to the planning and execution of project goals.

Entertainment & Media

Mission & Purpose

Warner Bros. Discovery is a global media and entertainment company, known for producing and distributing a wide range of content, including films, television shows, and digital content. Their ultimate mission is to captivate audiences worldwide by creating compelling and innovative stories that entertain, inform, and inspire. With a strong focus on storytelling and creativity, Warner Bros. Discovery aims to enrich people's lives through entertainment and provide a diverse array of content across various platforms. Their purpose is to connect people through shared experiences and to continue being a leading force in the entertainment industry, shaping the future of entertainment in the UK and beyond.

Culture & Values

  • Act as one team

    Trust each other, succeed together, and grow together. Collaborate across teams and make decisions that are best for WBD overall. Prioritize growth, development, and well-being for our teams. Respect and support each other, and celebrate wins.

  • Create what's next

    Be curious, innovate, and focus on the future. Drive change, embrace disruption, and never stop learning. Use data and technology to transform what we create and how we tell stories and deliver. Experiment, fail fast, acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.

  • Empower Storytelling

    Put creators, consumers and partners at the center, and share extraordinary stories. Tell stories that entertain and inspire our viewers, communities, and each other. Foster creativity by giving the freedom to try new things and produce our best work. Deliver the best experience; anticipate what consumers want and be fan obsessed.

  • Champion Inclusion

    Empower others, have courage, and pursue equity. Amplify the voices of global storytellers to reflect audiences around the world. Intentionally seek out diversity, remove barriers, and create space for all to share ideas and be heard. Actively listen and lead with empathy, integrity, and transparency.

  • Dream it & own it

    Advocate the mission, move with speed, and drive results. Have an owner's mindset; bring a perspective, take decisive rapid action, and manage spend responsibly. Make clear choices, set ambitious goals, and be accountable for results. Speak up and fearlessly challenge the norm.