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  • You must have a Bachelor's degree, 2-3 years experience in publishing, excellent communication skills, project management abilities, market research knowledge, and a positive attitude to excel in this Associate Content Development Editor role at Sage.
  • You will manage project schedules, collaborate with editorial and production teams, provide content development support, oversee manuscript preparation, and participate in cover design and marketing efforts.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university preferred
  • 2-3 years of book publishing or other applicable experience.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Suite. Adobe and Google Docs experience preferred but not required
  • Demonstrated excellent verbal, written, and communication skills
  • Ability to convey complex ideas and feedback to multiple partners
  • Ability to take responsibility for own performance on complex projects
  • Ability to adjust communication styles for different audiences
  • Proven excellent project management skills and attention to detail
  • Prior experience and proven ability to work will with authors/clients, freelancers, and colleagues across multiple departments
  • Ability to work on and prioritize multiple projects and meet strict deadlines in a team-oriented environment
  • Ability to research market trends and competitive landscape in the education market space
  • Ability to learn new technologies and evaluate evolving content/business needs
  • Ability to exhibit empathy, cultural sensitivity, and a positive attitude, particularly when resolving conflicts.
  • Exhibits good listening skills, accepts feedback, and takes responsibility.


  • A focus on project management, including:
  • Upon contract signing, leading onboarding sessions to introduce authors to the Author Guide and familiarizing them with guidelines pertaining to:
  • The publishing process and manuscript or other content preparation,
  • Inclusion of 3rd-party content and permissions clearance,
  • Interior design and manuscript tagging
  • Book schedule and key dates
  • Corwin’s DEI Guidelines, when appropriate
  • Creation and circulation of proposal documents in SMART based on information provided by author and editor for review by the Editorial Director and the Content Strategy Committee.
  • In coordination with Editorial Assistant, serving as key liaison between editorial, permissions, finance, and the legal department for assisting with complex legal matters related to author contracts, freelancer agreements, permissions and copyright issues, tax forms, and other relevant legal concerns.
  • In conjunction with their editorial team, collaborating on the creation, implementation, and management of project schedules.
  • Serving as the point of contact on the status of all their team’s products in proposal, development, transmittal, and post-publication phases.
  • Taking initiative in identifying, pre-empting and solving problems, troubleshooting as needed within designated project budgets and schedules.
  • Communicating with production editor to troubleshoot production-related issues and strategize scheduling considerations.
  • In collaboration with the Acquisitions Editor and/or Publisher, Marketing Manager, and authors, overseeing the process of organizing video shoots and creating ancillary products, potential consumables, and other new products that build/expand upon existing products and/or branch out into new areas that resonate with team vision and goals to meet market needs.
  • In collaboration with the appropriate Acquisition Editor/Publisher and Editorial Assistant, be responsible for the timely, accurate, and complete transmittal to production of titles, including the post-transmittal and post-publication tasks.
  • Owning the accuracy and continual updating of metadata for all titles and projects for the team.
  • A focus on content development, including:
  • For select revisions, leading and managing the development process in consultation with the Acquisitions Editor/Publisher from pre-revision review analyses, revision plan development, schedule tracking, and manuscript delivery.
  • For select first editions, managing the external reviewing of draft manuscripts, including summarizing key points from peer reviews, and offering suggestions for revision for the editor to share with the author.
  • Providing in-depth developmental and/or line editing support on select projects with special attention to accessibility and appropriateness for a practitioner audience, along with managing technical aspects of the manuscript including identifying third-party material, determining figure placement, executing redraws, as well as photo research, and interior design direction. This includes ensuring consistency of headers and key features and how they fit an interior design plan (custom or templated).
  • In collaboration with the Acquisitions Editor/Publisher, participate in follow-up author meetings throughout the development stage as needed, providing clarity and explanations around suggested edits, revision plans, due dates and deadlines, and continuing to serve as the point person for technical author questions around permissions, interior design, figures/images, and manuscript organization.
  • As directed by the Acquisitions Editor/Publisher, lead the process of any adapted or custom interior design needs for select titles, overseeing the approval process, providing all materials needed to design team, reviewing samples, and finalizing the design for implementation at the proof stage.
  • In collaboration with the Acquisitions Editor/Publisher, Marketing Manager, and EA, lead the cover design meeting with a special focus on finalizing title/subtitle, artistic direction, and market needs. Submits cover and interior design memos after brainstorming sessions, as directed by the Acquisitions Editor/Publisher.
  • In collaboration with the Acquisitions Editor/Publisher and Marketing manager, participate in the review of multiple passes of the OBC, offering copyedits if needed and confirming changes are made.
  • In collaboration with the Editorial Assistant, participating in the review of sample pages and multiple rounds of proof with special attention to page layout, credit lines, figure/image/art accuracy, and any pending permission items.
  • In collaboration with the Acquisitions Editor/Publisher, Editorial Assistant, Production, Art/Design, and to ensure that all aspects of manuscript preparation are complete and acceptable.
  • Additional responsibilities may include:
  • Running and formatting reports per Acquisition Editor/Publisher’s request.
  • Developing and maintaining a good understanding of the K12 professional development market and current trends. This could include visiting a s district or school, attending conferences and/or Corwin institutes to participate in sessions and network, independently reading journal and news articles, blogs, or listening to podcasts related to professional topics.
  • Coordinating and managing special research and competitive benchmarking projects as assigned.
  • Assisting Acquisitions Editor and/or Publisher as needed to prepare for annual strategic review, and participate as needed in annual strategic review process.
  • Mentoring, training, and contributing to the career development of Editorial Assistants, interns, and fellow ACDEs as requested, and participating in revisions to any training materials or process instructions.
  • Upon request, co-leading the recruitment and interviewing of new EAs or interns.
  • Work with and help manage interns to keep Intern Project Log up to date, provide feedback on work, and hold interns accountable for assigned tasks.
  • Taking on a liaison role to acquire specialized knowledge, to work closely with a cross departmental partner, and to ensure effective two-way communication and learning.
  • Under the direction of the Publisher, work collaboratively with other departments on new procedures and systems.


What are the primary responsibilities of an Associate Content Development Editor?

The primary responsibilities of an Associate Content Development Editor include project management, content development, coordination with authors and various departments, transmittals, post-publication tasks, online products and ancillaries, video development, Professional Learning Support, and management.

What qualifications are required for the position of Associate Content Development Editor?

Applicants for the role of Associate Content Development Editor should possess a Bachelor's degree, 2-3 years of book publishing or related experience, proficiency in Microsoft Suite, excellent communication skills, project management skills, ability to work with authors and colleagues, and the ability to research and understand market trends in the education space.

What physical demands are associated with the role of an Associate Content Development Editor?

Physical demands for an Associate Content Development Editor may include activities such as hearing, listening, speaking, operation of office equipment, sustained concentration on a computer screen, extended reading on screens, and unpacking and setting up exhibits at conferences.

What benefits package does Sage Publishing offer to employees in the role of Associate Content Development Editor?

Sage Publishing provides a comprehensive benefits package to employees, including a competitive PPO medical, dental, and vision care benefits package with SAGE covering most premium costs, a 401(k)-matching program, a company-sponsored anniversary trip every 5 years, financial support for education programs, and opportunities for hybrid or remote work.

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