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Data Scientist - Annotation Contract (3+ years exp, London UK)



17d ago

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AI generated summary

  • You must have 3+ years exp in data science, excel in data analysis, be a meticulous coder in python, familiar with SQL syntax, file formats, and web-based research skills. Good comprehension and ability to work independently in a remote or hybrid environment.
  • You will write and proofread code to create perfect samples for model training, label and improve machine/human code, write high-quality code for analytics tasks, follow style guides, and pay close attention to detail while citing sources.


  • 3+ years of industry experience working on real-world data science problems and pipelines. You excel in data analysis and visualization.
  • a meticulous coder with an eye for readability, with experience in python and industry standard data science packages (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, sqlite, or others).
  • Able to use sql syntax writing and workflows.
  • You have good familiarity with file/data formats, such as markdown, json, xml, yaml, html.
  • A thoughtful and thorough code reviewer. You've spent time re-writing, proofreading, and giving feedback on others' code in a previous role. You've worked with a code style guide before and enjoyed it.
  • Other things you’ll need:
  • Located in the UK.
  • A fast, thorough reader with great comprehension skills.
  • A curiosity about ML or AI or LLMs, (bonus points if you have any experience in these).
  • Expert in web-based research skills that you've used for your code before.
  • Ability to follow complex instructions, navigate ambiguity and work independently in a remote or hybrid environment.


  • Spend the majority of your time writing or reading/proofreading code and natural language to create perfect samples to train our models.
  • Label, proofread, and improve machine-written and human-written code.
  • Raise the bar continually by writing new code that is of exceptional quality to solve a variety of tasks, with a particular focus on data analytics.
  • Adeptly vary the style, functionality of code examples.
  • Follow our style guide, and make recommendations on unique situations that fall outside of its scope.
  • Work with intense attention to detail while citing sources of information.

Application Process

  • 20-30 minute video interview
  • Technical assessment
  • 30 minute final interview


What are the key skills needed for this Data Scientist - Annotation Contract position at Cohere?

The key skills needed for this position include superb python and data science skills, as well as the ability to work on a wide variety of writing and code based prompts.

What is the mission of Cohere and how does this role contribute to it?

Cohere is on a mission to build machines that understand the world and make them safely accessible to all. The AI Data Trainers in this role ensure that all samples fed to the AI model are well-written, technically sound, and useful to the end user, ultimately improving the Large Language Model's performance for iterations to come.

Is occasional on-site work required for this position in London, UK?

Yes, this role may require occasional work on-site at the Soho office in London, UK. Candidates should be able to commit 12-24 hours a week minimum to this project.

How does this role impact Cohere's technology in the long term?

By creating content that data scientists would find useful and working on use cases, the AI Data Trainers in this role have a lasting impact on Cohere's technology by improving the performance of the Large Language Model for future iterations.

At Cohere, our mission is to build machines that understand the world, and to make them safely accessible to all.

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Mission & Purpose

Cohere provides unprecedented access to affordable, easy-to-deploy large language models. Our platform gives computers the ability to read and write - whether you want to better understand what your customers are saying, or you want to write compelling copy that speaks to your target audience, Cohere can help.