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Development Support: Vehicles

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    Junior (1-2 years)
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  • You need 1+ years QA experience, a relevant degree, Photoshop/video editing skills, great communication, multi-tasking abilities, and a collaborative mindset for Development Support: Vehicles at Rockstar Games. A 'creative eye' for screenshots and vehicle knowledge is a plus.
  • You will support vehicle development by tracking progress, capturing screenshots/videos, ensuring assets are used correctly, and helping with QA checks and asset configurations. You will also assist with documentation and provide project updates through video materials.


  • 1+ years experience in QA or equivalent.
  • Bachelors degree in a relevant field.
  • Skills:
  • Some experience in Photoshop and video editing software is required and a willingness to learn our in-game tools, apps and software packages is essential.
  • Excellent communication, organisation and multi-tasking skills are needed for this role.
  • The candidate would be natural collaborator with a vested interest in supporting our project development goals in the long term.
  • There is no expectation for this role to involve art creation, though a 'creative eye' for framing and lighting screenshots and shooting in-game video would be highly beneficial.
  • Knowledge of vehicles and vehicle styling trends is desired.


  • Housekeeping for progress tracking images, ensuring every item in internal databases/tracking tools is displaying correctly.
  • Responsible for screenshot and video capture focused on vehicle art assets to ensure they are being used correctly and look as expected.
  • Continuity and consistency checking with regards to the look of vehicles in game (across cutscenes, gameplay etc).
  • Become familiar with internal database pages to have a good understanding of vehicle requests and configurations.
  • Internal QA checks on vehicle configurations.
  • Help with the tracking and progression of assets through different required art pipeline phases.
  • Supporting artists to create vehicle configurations for gameplay and ambient world.
  • Gain understanding of internal traffic light system to help triage bugs from QA.
  • Support with rounding up content for quarterly high level project progress docs.
  • Create video grabs of current and evolving assets for updates.
  • Edit video material to provide an overview/summary of the weeks completed asset/tech work.
  • Assist in documenting and updating existing internal Art documentation.


What is the location of this job position?

This job is based in Rockstar's game development studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Is this a full-time position?

Yes, this is a full-time, permanent position.

What team will the Development Support: Vehicles role be supporting?

This role will be supporting the Vehicle Art team at Rockstar North.

Is this position remote or in-office?

This position is in-office at Rockstar's state-of-the-art game development studio.

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