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Entry Level Test Engineer

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  • You need a testing mindset, software background, and hardware affinity. Java coding skills, networking and video technology knowledge, and strong communication abilities are a must. Proactive, methodical problem solver with teamwork and strategic thinking skills.
  • You will test web applications, develop test plans, integrate cameras, write bug reports, automate tests, prioritize testing, regression test, contribute to team improvement, and verify new bugs in a fast-paced environment.

Graduate Job

Software EngineeringEdinburgh


  • In this role you will join the QA Team responsible for the ongoing quality of Motorola’s best-in-class Video Management System and range of body-worn video cameras.
  • You’ll be joining a fast-paced commercial environment where delivery of value is paramount. As a member of QA, you’ll collaborate with the R&D SCRUM teams to identify risks, develop and execute test plans, and develop automated regression tests.
  • You will be joining a forward-looking Agile organization, and contribute to the department’s continual improvement effort.


  • The ideal candidate will have a testing mindset and enjoy using software tools to stress the web application. They will have a software background and an affinity with hardware; be proactive, have a logical, methodical approach to problem solving, and be capable of driving projects forward. They will be familiar with networking technology and video processing.
  • Required Skills:
  • Entry-level technology role.
  • Experience with the software development cycle.
  • Experience with hardware.
  • Familiarity with computer networking and video technology.
  • Ability to code; preferably Java.
  • Strong communication skills; both written and verbal.
  • SQL.
  • Other Skills:
  • Enjoys problem solving and working in a fast-paced technical environment.
  • Regularly investigate, develop and integrate new techniques and technologies.
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills.
  • Self-motivated and proactive.
  • The ability to work independently, within or leading team.
  • Well-organised.
  • Strategic thinker.

Area of Responsibilities

Software Engineering


  • Test the web application, both manually, technically and automated.
  • Develop and execute test plans.
  • Test functionality and integration of in-development cameras.
  • Assemble hardware setups involving IP cameras, networked devices.
  • Write readable, persuasive Bug Reports.
  • Risk assess product features, prioritising testing appropriately.
  • Regression test products before major release.
  • Develop & maintain Test Automation suites.
  • Contribute to the Test team’s continual improvement culture.
  • Reproduce and verify any new bugs at short notice.


Work type

Full time

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