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IT Infrastructure Engineer



29d ago

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  • Job
    Mid & Senior Level
  • IT & Cybersecurity
  • $70K - $150K
  • San Mateo


  • 5-star customer service mindset.
  • Excellent teamwork skills.
  • Experience with implementation and administration of SSO/SAML/IAM systems.
  • Experience working with Okta workflows
  • Experience with API integration work
  • Proven experience with managing cloud applications and platforms.
  • Familiarity with video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet
  • Basic knowledge of networking concepts (switching, firewalls, subnetting, wireless technologies, VPNs, LAN/WAN, etc.).
  • Flexible work schedule; we take every opportunity to succeed as a company - sometimes that means early mornings, late nights, and unexpected phone calls and Slack messages outside of typical working hours.
  • 4+ years of experience in the IT space with 2+ years of experience in design, development, implementation, and support of enterprise SaaS applications and integrations.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with both engineering and non-engineering audiences with customer focus and problem solving mentality.
  • Ability to find out-of-box solutions to best fit business needs and requirements.
  • Ability to overcome all obstacles and challenges.
  • Prioritize automation over manual processes
  • Excellent time management and prioritization skills


  • Oversee large impact system integration projects touching thousands of users
  • 4+ years in corporate IT with 1+ years working in a system administration capacity
  • Overseeing new Okta workflow automations as well as maintaining existing automations using programs such as Workato, Postman, or BetterCloud
  • Configuring and managing SAML/SSO Identity Providers such as Okta or OneLogin
  • Administering cloud-based enterprise level email systems such as Google Workspace
  • Ensure the validity of downstream data from our Workday-HRIS system to Okta, and down to SSO based applications.
  • Implement SaaS system changes and administer access to systems and information within approved IT security policies, guidelines, and standards.
  • Assessing business requirements, evaluate our software stack and implement improvements and solutions.
  • Working closely with People Ops, Legal, Sales Ops and other teams to develop scalable and reliable solutions.
  • Write scripts or workflows to help automate manual processes
  • Create and maintain standards, procedures, and documentation related to responsibilities.
  • Participate in system audits and perform testing for disaster recovery or SOX controls, ensuring a secure processing environment that protects the integrity and availability of information


What are the primary duties of a Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer?

The primary duties involve designing system architectures, planning integration strategies, executing integration activities, analyzing requirements, defining interfaces, overseeing project integrations, collaborating with cross-functional teams, mentoring junior engineers, and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

What skills are essential for a Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer?

Essential skills include a deep technical aptitude for building and maintaining corporate applications and integrations, understanding the day-to-day aspects of an IT organization, especially in a high-growth startup with ever-changing requirements, as well staying updated on industry trends.

What is the role of a Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer in project integrations?

The role involves overseeing all large project integrations, analyzing requirements, defining interfaces, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and ensuring compliance with regulations, security, and quality standards.

How important is mentorship in this role?

Mentorship is vital as a Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer. Mentoring junior engineers helps to develop their skills and ensure the team is aligned with best practices and standards.

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