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Junior Event Producer - Scalable Concepts



16d ago

  • Job
    Junior (1-2 years)
  • Sales & Business Development
    Business, Operations & Strategy
  • Calgary

AI generated summary

  • You must have event production experience, strong communication skills, a detail-oriented mindset, innovative thinking, a network of vendors/venues, permit process knowledge, ability to manage multiple cities, and a keen interest in learning and pushing boundaries.
  • You will manage all event production logistics, timelines, budgets, vendors, and stakeholders across multiple cities, while contributing to creative ideation and ensuring smooth execution. Travel and administrative duties are also part of the role.


  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • You have a track record of successfully producing events with strong data analysis, oral and written communication skills. You thrive in a fast-paced environment and pride yourself on your flexible, detailed, analytical mindset.
  • The role requires a mix of business development and operational experience. Candidates need to be passionate about the entertainment/events industry. You will have to be comfortable delivering results in an ambiguous environment, being exceptionally detail-oriented while looking around corners, and thinking bigger about how we create a compelling experience.
  • 1+ years of experience in the event production industry
  • Ability to manage multiple cities and pull together multiple aspects of an event in an organized and efficient way
  • Have an innovative mindset to identify cutting-edge solutions in the production space
  • Have a strong network of vendors and venues
  • Understanding of technical production requirements
  • Familiarity with permitting processes
  • Huge appetite for learning and the ability to pick up new skills quickly
  • You'll be solution-focused, identifying problem areas and then creating plans to find resolutions
  • Have strong communication skills and a proven track record of building positive working relationships
  • Curious and keen to push boundaries and try new concepts
  • Able to communicate with events partners, brands, agencies, and talent on efforts
  • Ability to think strategically when faced with an events partnership brief or with our proprietary data on what events work
  • Collaborative and willing to get hands dirty and work on all required events tasks
  • Knowledge of promotional tools such as Facebook and Instagram is a plus
  • Strong academic background is a plus


  • Manage all aspects of event productions, including pre-production logistics planning, vendor selection, hiring, onsite execution, as well as post-event wrap-up
  • Create production timelines and ensure that teams are keeping to schedule
  • Communicate and collaborate with internal cross-functional teams and stakeholders to drive alignment and execution of event deliverables
  • Participate in internal brainstorm meetings and contribute to creative ideation, particularly representing an on-the-ground perspective
  • Manage multiple cities in which Candlelight operates in and help scale to new cities
  • Manage budgets of different scales
  • Research new vendors
  • Venue research and booking
  • Secure proper event permits and meet insurance requirements
  • Handle administrative duties including expense reports, invoicing, and working with the legal department on contracts
  • Domestic and international travel and work across time zones may be required


What are the key responsibilities of a Junior Event Producer at Scalable Concepts?

The key responsibilities include supporting the Project Manager in all aspects of production, serving as the point of contact for all production projects, researching and implementing new venues and solutions, and ensuring high-quality experiences are delivered.

What skills and qualities are important for a Junior Event Producer at Scalable Concepts?

Important skills and qualities include flexibility, creativity, attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines and stay within budget, strong communication skills, project management skills, and a passion for delivering results and creating entertaining experiences.

What experience is necessary for a Junior Event Producer at Scalable Concepts?

A proven track record in live event production is necessary for this role. Experience in producing fun and entertaining experiences for the public is also highly valued.

What are the main goals of a Junior Event Producer at Scalable Concepts?

The main goals include supporting the production of high-quality experiences, researching and implementing new venues and solutions, and ensuring that all projects are completed successfully within budget and on time.

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Fever is an innovative entertainment platform that aims to redefine how people discover and experience entertainment and leisure activities. Through their app and website, Fever curates a wide range of unique and immersive events, from live performances and cultural experiences to pop-up events and hidden gems in cities around the world. Their ultimate mission is to connect people with unforgettable experiences, creating moments of joy, discovery, and connection. Fever's purpose is to inspire people to explore and make the most of their city, offering them a platform to discover new things, engage with their passions, and create lasting memories. By combining technology, data, and creativity, Fever is transforming the way people engage with entertainment and leisure, making it more accessible, personalised, and exciting for everyone.

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    Yes, we celebrate the discovery of issues we can improve! At Fever, we provide and receive direct and actionable feedback. This means that every criticism or challenge spotted must come with a proposed solution.

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    We truly believe that a few motivated and skilled team members achieve much more than many who are disengaged or ineffective. This also means we are humble enough to acknowledge mistakes ('ego' wastes everybody's time).

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    At Fever, we are team players who care for the results of the whole group and take action to fix issues (opportunities) beyond our specific assignments. To do so, we over-communicate with colleagues, provide context, and follow-up until it's done. We are all, without exception, hands-on and lead by example.

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    "Good and fast" is 10x better than "perfect and slow". We do not drown ourselves in processes

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    Prioritizing means we work on the issues that matter the most for our users and our results. To do so, we pick our battles wisely and regularly challenge the impact of what we are doing.

  • We are entrepreneurial and ambitious!

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